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Infrastructure Solutions

التحول الرقمي

At CeenJeem, we offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This modern solution for IT infrastructure gives small and medium sized businesses the capacity and resources for their IT needs that is typically only seen in enterprise sized companies.

IT infrastructure is the foundation of all your company’s computing needs, and includes servers, disaster recovery, operating systems, and even data storage.

In order to operate smoothly and efficiently, it’s vital that you have reliable, high performing infrastructure in place.

There are several reasons why more and more businesses are taking their infrastructure to the cloud, rather than keeping it on premise.

Cost Savings: With cloud infrastructure, you only have to pay for the computing power you use. This feature is particularly appealing to growing companies that will need to increase their computing power as they expand. Likewise, if your needs change and you need to decrease your computing power, that is simple as well. Our network infrastructure solutions are easily scalable.

  • Less hardware: The bandwidth available in your office may be limited, and your internet might not be as fast as you’d like. When your servers are in the cloud, your bandwidth comes from a data center instead of your office’s.

  • Big equipment on a small budget: You get access to enterprise-level equipment and servers, even if you’re working with a small business size budget. Not having to purchase costly hardware (that you would eventually need to replace) will also save you money.

Call us today at +966 11 4942207 to find out more about our Network Infrastructure solutions.

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